Primary Pupils of Kperisi Primary School eventually given Desks

What a shame on the leadership of the Wa Municipal Assembly!

The plight of school pupils of the Kperisi Primary School has been a disgraceful dent on the conscience of leadership of the Wa Municipal Assembly in the Upper West region under whose direct jurisdiction is the Kperisi Primary School.

Earlier, last week, the media and it took a benevolent politician to bring to light challenges of the school children who had no option but to learn under inhumane conditions, forced to learn without desks in their classroom, and thereby left with no option than to sit on the bare floor of their classrooms to study.
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For all this while the Municipal assembly had turned a blind eye to this problem until a promise was made by an opposition running mate to come to the aid of these school children And they hurriedly rushed to the aid of the school out of shame to sabotage an opposition party member to render a genuine service to society.
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The Districts of Ghana, whether a Municipal or District assembly are second-level administrative subdivisions of Ghana and thus are supposed to deal directly with the local administration on behalf of the Central government.

The question is, is Central government monitoring these MMDAS at all, do they chechk to authenticate their claims of doing a wonderful job down there?

Just, imagine this situation, that suppose the media and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia had not visited that school to access the plight of these school children, would gov`t have ever paid them an attention?
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Of course the answer is obvious, that they would have done absolutely nothing at all and the situation would have been exactly as it is and even the toll of its negative effects on the health of these pupils would have been unending

But why must sabotaging an opposition member be a pretext for doing what is demanded you as government with responsibilities to the welfare of the very citizens you spearhead?

This is why I have always insisted, guided by the very actions of our leaders that they have become a bunch of uncaring people who have become shameless of their very negative actions.

By this action, they have displayed that they have lost all form of common senses and they would prefer to do good only when they intend to sabotage society`s wise and caring people who would do everything possible to put a shine on the lives of the deprived.

Above all this, I am happy to see changes in the study life of these children.
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Central government must also keep an eagle eye on the Municipal and District assemblies as they have been noted of paying too much of propaganda rather than working for the welfare of their districts.

All pictures used in here are credited to its real owners !


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