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It is so pathetic the height that propaganda has gained roots in our dear #GHA.

Even the media houses that we have relied upon for at least fair reportage have rather chosen to follow the footsteps of our unfaithful politicians.

To come to the realisation that the murder of Fulani herdsmen by the locals of #Agogo and surrounding communities in their ongoing crisis are either under reported or not reported at all, as they do when a local is killed is an act beyond treachery.

This attitude by some of these media houses reminds me of a favourite saying by the Leader, the American Activist, Malcolm X (May Allah rest his soul in peace) once said,

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.

Now, I did not quote this to prove who is guilty or not, or who ought to be hated upon or not, but I think it is an appropriate quote at the right time for us to be mindful when we are so hot tempered already with these unpleasant news.
This has got the entire country busy chanting war drums under the leadership of youth movements and vote seeking politicians

We must also be aware that this shameful vilification of the Fulanis especially when they have suffered most of the casualties is a desperate attempt by some section of the media who are championing people’s agenda for all sorts of reason which will rather do us as nation more harm than good.

What is going on down there is most regrettable, that a nation with laws and order, a nation with institutions whose responsibility it is to see to it that such ugliness does not happen or are curtailed have been doing very little in the face of this issue since its inception years back.

Meanwhile it is important that we cease the vilification of Fulanis whiles we reason deep to adopt dialogue as the solution to this risen problem. The Fulanis have been with us since the creation of the world and same can be said that we have been with them since creation.

These same Fulanis have been living with the indigenes of Agogo and surrounding communities for hundreds of years now and so we must be rest assured that, with dialogue, everything will be restored to normalcy.

There are a lot of capable conflict management personnel who will be ready to step in to assist the situation, therefore government must wake up until this already a crisis is completely out of hands.

We are Africans, from same mother, and same father, and there is absolutely no difference between us and so it is important that we show people love and desist from the often offensive tags on the Fulanis in Ghana.

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Ghana has completely failed in all aspects to develop as an independent country after the terrorist 24th February 1966 coup dètat against the sound regime of the Saviour Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Ngoroma.

No sane and sound Ghanaian would gainsay that Ghana has become a mockery in the face of the African continent and the rest of the world in this century of enlightenment.

As time passes us by the nation has become full of people who have lacked a lot of common senses when it comes to reasoning and decision making on the future and the direction which this country should follow, because the political parties themselves who are leading the people nothing more than a cartel of thieves who are in for their own good at the expense of these blind folks.

You and me will observe that the only good or joy in celebrating this so called independent day is because; we get to see troop of soldiers matching in finely ironed uniforms, riding on finely bathed horses, armoured vehicles, artillery, and other uncommon military accoutrements on display.

The rest are boring nonsensical grammarians who take to the stage with their loud voices to waste time with over an hour of speech whiles most of us wish the displays from the armed forces would continue, because that is what we deem beautiful and important to our eyes.

After all, all of these lengthy grammars goes nowhere except to fool those who would allow themselves to be fooled by these same insensitive cartel of politicians who prefers to use this platform for their political propaganda.

Ghana at 59 is a hell of a bogus celebration to be considered celebrating. Because there is nothing in it to celebrate, and so celebrating it under this condition of total national misery would mean celebrating the corruption of the day, which has sunk our country deeper into the sewage drains.

Ghana at 59, what resources do we have to boast of? If there are national resources, which we do have, what use has it been to the nation at large? Pose this question to your politicians and watch their pathetic faces whiles they show you how champion they are in propaganda without shame at all.

There is no form of independence worthy of celebration except true independence.
Our current system of a so called democratic governance is nothing but slavery.
Which as we have known it has been more devastating because it has paved way for a painful chronic poverty nationwide.

The celebration of Independence Day this day is a mockery of ourselves, all we need is the need to rise up, make good use of more common senses so that we can a real change, not the mere political rhetoric of change, but real change.


Let us ginger ourselves

Arise Ghana youth for your country,
The nation demands your devotion,
Let all unite to uphold her,
And make here great and strong,
We are all involved 3x
In building our motherland!

Sing it and mean it nice reminder.

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The Politicians and their Dreadful Notoriety is Sinking our National Peace.

I tune in to listen to the news on what is happening in and around my country. And one thing is clear that the politicians won’t just allow our dear nations to flourish in peace and prosperity as Allah created it to be. Rtaher with the help of their media houses, are press in inaundated with so much of massive propaganda in an attempt to sow seeds of division among the children of mother Ghana.
And this is not a new issue though, but I`m just sick and tired of their not giving up on their deceptive lifestyle of sinking the peace and love we have in this country.

Now, one thing I want you  to know is that, it is indeed true that in the brains of our unfaithful politicians, “where there is a will there is always a way” they say.

The will to pave their way through the system we have observed inludes anything at all, murders, assassinations, tyrannical  economic taxations, imprisonments, sabotages, arbitrary arrests of people who grow natural herbs likes of opium and marijuana, and all the oppressive brutalities of the highest notoriety against anyone or anything that they deem as an obstacle to their way of life.

Just because where there’s a will, they will cheat their way through for their own gains regardless of the cost, they swear nothing should stop them because there is a way.

And so you will realise that anytime time you see a politician lieing, is when he is speaking.

Today’s politicians and the dreadful IS (daesh) is two sides of the same coin and I know no conscious politician can gainsay this, because they are aware of what their colleagues are into.
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Put a Smile on the faces of the needy, and spark up your life.

Do you recall that priceless inner feeling you get when you put a smile on someone`s face? When that person needs that help so much that you step in to be his/her saviour, and you see them smile so bright like a flying white dove.
If you can recall thse moments, I just want to inform you that indeed Allah is forever the most happiest living entity until the end of time. He does that every micro-second of time, 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Be motivated to put a smile on someone`s face today and be his/her hero ! It`s medicinal to spark up that priceless inner feeling. It within you, it`s within us all.
Spark Up Your Life Today!!