The Politicians and their Dreadful Notoriety is Sinking our National Peace.

I tune in to listen to the news on what is happening in and around my country. And one thing is clear that the politicians won’t just allow our dear nations to flourish in peace and prosperity as Allah created it to be. Rtaher with the help of their media houses, are press in inaundated with so much of massive propaganda in an attempt to sow seeds of division among the children of mother Ghana.
And this is not a new issue though, but I`m just sick and tired of their not giving up on their deceptive lifestyle of sinking the peace and love we have in this country.

Now, one thing I want you  to know is that, it is indeed true that in the brains of our unfaithful politicians, “where there is a will there is always a way” they say.

The will to pave their way through the system we have observed inludes anything at all, murders, assassinations, tyrannical  economic taxations, imprisonments, sabotages, arbitrary arrests of people who grow natural herbs likes of opium and marijuana, and all the oppressive brutalities of the highest notoriety against anyone or anything that they deem as an obstacle to their way of life.

Just because where there’s a will, they will cheat their way through for their own gains regardless of the cost, they swear nothing should stop them because there is a way.

And so you will realise that anytime time you see a politician lieing, is when he is speaking.

Today’s politicians and the dreadful IS (daesh) is two sides of the same coin and I know no conscious politician can gainsay this, because they are aware of what their colleagues are into.

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