Ghana has completely failed in all aspects to develop as an independent country after the terrorist 24th February 1966 coup dètat against the sound regime of the Saviour Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Ngoroma.

No sane and sound Ghanaian would gainsay that Ghana has become a mockery in the face of the African continent and the rest of the world in this century of enlightenment.

As time passes us by the nation has become full of people who have lacked a lot of common senses when it comes to reasoning and decision making on the future and the direction which this country should follow, because the political parties themselves who are leading the people nothing more than a cartel of thieves who are in for their own good at the expense of these blind folks.

You and me will observe that the only good or joy in celebrating this so called independent day is because; we get to see troop of soldiers matching in finely ironed uniforms, riding on finely bathed horses, armoured vehicles, artillery, and other uncommon military accoutrements on display.

The rest are boring nonsensical grammarians who take to the stage with their loud voices to waste time with over an hour of speech whiles most of us wish the displays from the armed forces would continue, because that is what we deem beautiful and important to our eyes.

After all, all of these lengthy grammars goes nowhere except to fool those who would allow themselves to be fooled by these same insensitive cartel of politicians who prefers to use this platform for their political propaganda.

Ghana at 59 is a hell of a bogus celebration to be considered celebrating. Because there is nothing in it to celebrate, and so celebrating it under this condition of total national misery would mean celebrating the corruption of the day, which has sunk our country deeper into the sewage drains.

Ghana at 59, what resources do we have to boast of? If there are national resources, which we do have, what use has it been to the nation at large? Pose this question to your politicians and watch their pathetic faces whiles they show you how champion they are in propaganda without shame at all.

There is no form of independence worthy of celebration except true independence.
Our current system of a so called democratic governance is nothing but slavery.
Which as we have known it has been more devastating because it has paved way for a painful chronic poverty nationwide.

The celebration of Independence Day this day is a mockery of ourselves, all we need is the need to rise up, make good use of more common senses so that we can a real change, not the mere political rhetoric of change, but real change.


Let us ginger ourselves

Arise Ghana youth for your country,
The nation demands your devotion,
Let all unite to uphold her,
And make here great and strong,
We are all involved 3x
In building our motherland!

Sing it and mean it nice reminder.


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