It is so pathetic the height that propaganda has gained in our dear #GHANA.

Even the media houses that we have relied on for at least fair reportage have rather chosen to follow the footsteps of our unfaithful politicians.

To come to the realisation that the murder of Fulani herdsmen by the locals of #Agogo and surrounding communities in their ongoing crisis are either under reported or not reported at all, compared to the attention which is given to sensationaly narrate to our hearing when an the indegene  is killed is an act beyond treachery.

This attitude by some of these media houses reminds us of  a popular quote by one of the well known American anti slave Activist l Malcolm X Al shabbaz (May Allah rest his soul in peace). Who once said,

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.

Now, I did not quote this to prove who is guilty or not, or who ought to be hated upon or not, but I think it is an appropriate quote at the right time for us to be mindful when we are so hot tempered already with these unpleasant news.
This has got the entire country busy chanting war drums under the leadership of youth movements and vote seeking politicians

We must also be aware that this shameful vilification of the Fulanis especially when they have suffered most of the casualties is a desperate attempt by some section of the media who are championing people’s agenda for all sorts of reason which will rather do us as nation more harm than good.

What is going on down there is most regrettable, that a nation with laws and order, a nation with institutions whose responsibility it is to see to it that such ugliness does not happen or are curtailed have been doing very little in the face of this issue since its inception years back.

Meanwhile it is important that we cease the vilification of Fulanis whiles we reason deep to adopt dialogue as the solution to this risen problem. The Fulanis have been with us since the creation of the world and same can be said that we have been with them since creation.

These same Fulanis have been living with the indigenes of Agogo and surrounding communities for hundreds of years now and so we must be rest assured that, with dialogue, everything will be restored to normalcy.

There are a lot of capable conflict management personnel who will be ready to step in to assist the situation, therefore government must wake up until this already a crisis is completely out of hands.

We are Africans, from same mother, and same father, and there is absolutely no difference between us and so it is important that we show people love and desist from the often offensive tags on the Fulanis in Ghana.


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