Yello MTN Ghana-I come with another dissatisfaction with your service delivery

Yello MTN Ghana
Let me first of all show appreciation, by recognizing and thanking you immensely for the services rendered us over the past decade.
Though we pay for such services, yet had it not been your innitiative and your tireless efforts, communication with family and friends would have been on other network. but we chose you!
We chose you over other networks becuase we trusted you could deliver to our satisfaction.
Unfortunately I come with a complaint that we are highly suprised and disappointed that for almost a month your network strength has been the poorest in our part of the Capital, Accra.
While we assume that you have the appropriate system in place to track down any anomalies in your service delivery to Pokuase – Abensu to be precise, it amazes us why you have almost ignored to restore your services to us as a community of over 18 thousand residents.
Well, perhaps you are not aware, because in my thinking I assume that just as your network signal is so down here, it could be the same situation with your main monitoring systems hence your unableness to know the situation down here and getting it fixed. And that is why we might pardon you if you sincerely respect your services to us by resolving the issue before another month of poor service delivery to Pokuase and its environs.
Counting on you for a prompt and positive response.
Yours sincere customer
–Grand Sultan Nuhu MD.


As usual on facebook, there are very few people who I log in to read from because their sense of reasoning is devoid of nonsensical political propagandas and so I apreciate reading and learning from them.

As I tapped to expand and read his latest post, I read with a saddened heart when I realised in summary that the very sustaining mine firm AngloGold Ashanti wants to shutdown its Obuasi mine.

This mine for centuries had become the unblical cord providing livelihood for hundreds if not thousands of workers and their families in Obuasi and its surrounding communities.

Here is his cause:



“Hello. My name is Kojo Ellimah. I am a native of Kikam and a royal of Alla Bokazo in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region of Ghana. My grandparents settled in Obuasi so many years ago.

My mother and all my uncles and aunties were born here in Obuasi. Most of them married and raised families in Obuasi.

My father met my mother here. All my siblings were born here. I schooled here from kindergarten to secondary school before I spent brief moments in Accra for Sixth Form and professional Journalism training. And in Kumasi for university education.

Obuasi is very important for my family. We call it home. The longest time I have spent in Kikam, my native hometown is five days. But no matter how long I stay outside the country I always come back home, to Obuasi.

But why Obuasi? Gold. As simple as that. The allure of this special metal pulled my ancestors to migrate hundreds of miles to Obuasi. They built their livelihood around this metal. My maternal grandfather was a very fine goldsmith. His wife, my grandmother also hawked fine jewellery in communities in and around Obuasi.

So you see why anytime I talk of Obuasi I get passionate? Obuasi may represent an ancient mining town to some people. To others Obuasi is a commercial centre. But to me, Obuasi is home. My home.

What is happening to my home? The city is virtually comatose, delicately hanging on to multiple tubes at the intensive care unit.

I hear AngloGold Ashanti wants to shut the Obuasi mine. This is akin to shutting off the life support machine. Obuasi cannot and must not be allowed to die. Where will I call home? Which city will welcome me with the bright lights in the night and lively mix of human beings in this detribalised environment?

If you are reading this: do me a huge favour. Let us all send an urgent appeal to our government. OBUASI MUST NOT DIE. Let us tag the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. John Alexander Ackon, Members of Parliament for Obuasi East and West, Hon. Edward Ennin and Hon. Kwaku Kwarteng, and the Obuasi Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Richard Ofori Agyeman. They are all on Facebook.

If you save Obuasi, you have saved my home, and you would have saved Ghana’s economy!


 “Were you born in Obuasi? Do you live in Obuasi? Do you work in Obuasi? Do you have relatives in Obuasi? The beauty legacy of Obuasi is under threat from the actions and inactions of some politicians. It is time to resist them. Let us save Obuasi”!


Shame on WAEC GHANA and the GOVERNMENT`s inaction towards Exam leakages.

When there were persistent exam leakages in #Kenya, the president Uhuru Kenyatta took a brave and wise step and dismissed all of the administrators of the exam council to save the future of education in Kenya.

Why can’t Prez @JDMahama do same despite the constant leakages of exam questions with impunity under his rule to at least save the very little credibility left in WAEC Ghana?
Why is the president seen to do very little or nothing at all when it comes to fighting corruption under his tenure?

It is high time this administration desist from granting immunity to thieves and nation wreckers the likes of the WAEC Ghana examination council who after their stupidities chooses to make innocent Ghanaian students and their parents pay for the price of their idiocy. And all of this is done with impunity as the government looks on as they rather choose to read hundreds of pages of written speech which at the end of the day means completely nothing to these victims and their families, and Ghana as a whole.

Ghanaians are calling for pragmatic sanctions against officials found guilty, including drivers and security officers of WAEC Ghana to end their criminal attitude of exam leakages to prevent further disgrace to our national credibility.