Shame on WAEC GHANA and the GOVERNMENT`s inaction towards Exam leakages.

When there were persistent exam leakages in #Kenya, the president Uhuru Kenyatta took a brave and wise step and dismissed all of the administrators of the exam council to save the future of education in Kenya.

Why can’t Prez @JDMahama do same despite the constant leakages of exam questions with impunity under his rule to at least save the very little credibility left in WAEC Ghana?
Why is the president seen to do very little or nothing at all when it comes to fighting corruption under his tenure?

It is high time this administration desist from granting immunity to thieves and nation wreckers the likes of the WAEC Ghana examination council who after their stupidities chooses to make innocent Ghanaian students and their parents pay for the price of their idiocy. And all of this is done with impunity as the government looks on as they rather choose to read hundreds of pages of written speech which at the end of the day means completely nothing to these victims and their families, and Ghana as a whole.

Ghanaians are calling for pragmatic sanctions against officials found guilty, including drivers and security officers of WAEC Ghana to end their criminal attitude of exam leakages to prevent further disgrace to our national credibility.


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