Yello MTN Ghana-I come with another dissatisfaction with your service delivery

Yello MTN Ghana
Let me first of all show appreciation, by recognizing and thanking you immensely for the services rendered us over the past decade.
Though we pay for such services, yet had it not been your innitiative and your tireless efforts, communication with family and friends would have been on other network. but we chose you!
We chose you over other networks becuase we trusted you could deliver to our satisfaction.
Unfortunately I come with a complaint that we are highly suprised and disappointed that for almost a month your network strength has been the poorest in our part of the Capital, Accra.
While we assume that you have the appropriate system in place to track down any anomalies in your service delivery to Pokuase – Abensu to be precise, it amazes us why you have almost ignored to restore your services to us as a community of over 18 thousand residents.
Well, perhaps you are not aware, because in my thinking I assume that just as your network signal is so down here, it could be the same situation with your main monitoring systems hence your unableness to know the situation down here and getting it fixed. And that is why we might pardon you if you sincerely respect your services to us by resolving the issue before another month of poor service delivery to Pokuase and its environs.
Counting on you for a prompt and positive response.
Yours sincere customer
–Grand Sultan Nuhu MD.

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