The self acclaimed “religious” people

Well,  I do firmly believe that not all religious people are just or good or Godly. In fact, I believe that majority of these so called religious people are people with bad characters  and are untruthful and untrustworthy.

And this is the simple  reason why Ghana,  like most  African and other nations described as religious people are not entirely Godly after all.

These religiously boastful countries and their people from observation are “fantastically” wallowing in the annals of corruption and poverty, and chaos has become their king taking its orders and commands from a finely packaged “dictatorial” president and a so called house of representative and a house of law.

Thus every law,  standing orders, amendments, regulations among others which has ever been sanctioned by these recent class of rulers notable for their religious boastings,  which are supposedly meant for the welfare of the larger interest of the nation cannot be a credible welfare but at the long run, a complete sham.

See you not how these people are capable of easily fooling the majority? Yes, the boastful ruling class are capable of fun-fooling majority of the people with just a single visit the entire year to their Churches and Masjids, regardless of they knowing fully the sham of these pledges, yet due to their bigoted religious parochialism endorse their own “killers” to continue killing them the more,  to continue to destroy the future of the youthful youth and the the generations to come.

These boastful so called religious people, just like people who believe and practice ethnocentrism have much in common.

They’re often blind,  deaf and dumb, and are always at the mercy of the enemies of our nations until they grow up to read between the lines.

Religion is LOVE, LOVE is Religion! Peace!!


“Without Passion Life is Nothing”


An inspiring and thought provoking inscription boldly printed on a van.

The first time I read this thought provoking inscription was when I visited the company`s yard at Medie-Kotoku.
It was a newly printed sticker on this brand new van which was ready for the market.
It was an early morning, if I could remember right, and the sun was just paving it way through the thick blue sky.

The boldness of the writings among other factors drew my attention to reading it.
After reading, I was very interested in its deep rooted meaning of showing compassion towards whatever we are engaged in or with. I was pondering over it, again and again, as I appreciated how deep in meaning it was that it made me fall in love with the inscription and the product itself, Verna Natural Mineral Water.

It meaning could be interpreted in many ways, but to me, indeed “without passion, Life is nothing”

Twellium industries, are also the manufacturers of soft drinks such as American Cola, Bubble up, Planet, and the very popular Rush Energy Drink.


Spectacular Print at the Baobab Children Foundation Centre.


This is a very impressive design of the Sankofa Adinkra Symbol on an African print I saw during one of my visits. It was designed and printed at the Boabab Children Foundation Centre in Kissi/Kwahinkrom (Cape Coast) Ghana.

Baobab Children Foundation is an NGO which assists and restores hope in the disabled, poor and needy children. I have been to their centre on occasions and believe me they are doing fantastic humanitarian services.

Also check out their Facebook page.