“Without Passion Life is Nothing”


An inspiring and thought provoking inscription boldly printed on a van.

The first time I read this thought provoking inscription was when I visited the company`s yard at Medie-Kotoku.
It was a newly printed sticker on this brand new van which was ready for the market.
It was an early morning, if I could remember right, and the sun was just paving it way through the thick blue sky.

The boldness of the writings among other factors drew my attention to reading it.
After reading, I was very interested in its deep rooted meaning of showing compassion towards whatever we are engaged in or with. I was pondering over it, again and again, as I appreciated how deep in meaning it was that it made me fall in love with the inscription and the product itself, Verna Natural Mineral Water.

It meaning could be interpreted in many ways, but to me, indeed “without passion, Life is nothing”

Twellium industries, are also the manufacturers of soft drinks such as American Cola, Bubble up, Planet, and the very popular Rush Energy Drink.



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