Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, a giant known for his bravery right in the face of his vicious enemies.

A man whose words are never sugarcoated to the pleasantly of his aggressive opponents.

A man whose words brings tohubohu to the hypocrites who when they talk wish that none has the right to also speak.

A man whose sentences are so pure, precise, concise and as sharp as a laser beam made of a modern Chinese Light Emitting Diode, that it is always capable of dissecting directly the aorta of the cancerous state looters.

A man known for being a saviour in uplifting the dying, the poor, the needy, the abandoned, the aged, the miserable youth , children and women out of their hopeless plight.

Indeed when all hopes are lost, he restores, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong.

A honourable man not only known for his distaste for corruption of all forms but also his unwavering efforts to fighting the canker in our nation, corruption, holding on firmly to the horns of the awakened and aggressive black bull mafias in other to expose the very why we are sinking into the sewage drains as a nation.

Indeed he is Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the vilified, yet unperturbed in his mission of uplifting the needy and the poor from hopelessness to grace.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the carer whose seeds of blessings are plainly visible in humanity.

The one man standing that the angels of Allah smile towards for the sake of his benevolence.

Indeed if there is any single politician worthy of my respect  and unwavering support and praise as a youth of Ghana , it is none other than Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the brave one, the truthful one, the messenger who restores hope, the one, that not even a bulldozer as they have proposed can crush the truth and benevolence out of him.

Long live Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the sleeping lion that only awakes and roar light of consciousness into the negative sons of our nation when threatened.

Long live Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Long live the Conscious  youth of Ghana, Long live Bravery and Consistency and Long live Ghana.
—-Grand Sultan Nuhu Mohammed ✌🏾👽✌🏾


What is Ghana`s Bus Rapid Transit system(BRT)? Amasaman and the Ofankor BRT Completed.

What is Ghana`s Bus Rapid Transit system(BRT)?


Bus Rapid Transit is an innovative, lower cost public transit solution that has been acquired by the government of Ghana to significantly improve the poor urban vehicular mobility in the capital.

This system uses special buses on dedicated road lanes to quickly and efficiently transport passengers to their destinations, while offering the flexibility to meet transit demand.

The BRT system between Amasaman and Accra is complete awaiting inauguration. I had the opportunity to witness an inspection of both the Amasaman and Ofankor BRT by the president H.E John Dramani Mahama.

The Achimota-to-Accra, Amasaman-to-Accra and Ofankor-to-Accra have been selected as routes for the first phase of the BRT system in the capital.


There will be two kinds of buses in operation, one is the EXPRESS BUS, which will travel direct fromonedestination to the other, while the OTHER BUSES will make stops on their routes(The kind of services locally known as Trot-Trot).

More passengers at a go! Affordable fare! Less congestion! and simple mode of payment which include electronic payment system including paying your fare with your Mtn mobile money, Tigo Cash, Vodaphone Cash, and Airtel mobile money account.

It’s a great initiative to modernise Accra and there is no doubt whatsoever that it will surely uplift the transport industry in Ghana`s capital if the intention behind it, is continued to be championed devoid of the often political negativities that surround such projects.

Taking Advantage of the rains

The climate of Ghana is often hot and humid (Tropical), and there are two major seasons within a year, the rainy (wet) season and the dry season.

The Harmattan (hot, dry and dusty winds) blows from the Sahara Desert into the Gulf of Guinea between the end of November and the middle of March  (our winter).

Usually the North of Ghana experiences its rainy season from March to November while South Ghana experiences its rainy season from April to mid-October with June-July at the peak of the rainy season.

Due to the mostly hot and dry winds, it is almost impossible to successfully grow crops which rely heavily on constant water/rainfall for its growth. Thus making this season of rainfall the best choice for gardeners and farmers to get busy with their farms.

It should be noted that before the rains begin, farmers would have already prepared their lands, waiting for their crops to receive adequate rains for their growth.

As an African living on an African soil, I live in an environment which has made me to sincerely appreciate mother nature. With the priceless significance of trees and other greenery, I`m leaving no stone unturned.

The season comes but once in a year, and having to appreciate this rainfall season,  I believe that the only proper way for me to make good use of it is to get busy by planting. Planting crops and trees, with my concentration on tree planting especially.

I am glad I can share with you some few pictures.