This impunity has become typical of the state owned Amasaman Hospital.

Amasaman Hospital Ghana[15]

A bereaved father severely traumatised is seen in this video which was captured by a gentleman who was at the Amasaman Government Hospital.

The bereaved father is seen carrying his deceased child on his arms walking up and down bitterly complaining  about the intentional negligence of hospital authorities towards his child who has been on admission for three days.

He squarely lays the blames and curses Hospital workers of the Government owned Amasaman Hospital in the Ga West District of the Greater Accra region after he had spent all of his monies on medicines and yet his child was ignored and abandoned to die because he could not afford the price of blood that the child needed to survive.

The reputation of this particular hospital the past years to residents who patronize their services is despicable and  most ugly. With impunity patients are ignored, unatteneded to and are often showered with insults and abusive statements.

This latest video proves it all as to how the level of impunity on the side of hospital authorities of the Amasaman Government hospital has  gotten to, as state authorities whose mandate it is to ensure sanity prevails in our hospitals are busy doing absolutely nothing when such evidently clear stories emerge from our hospitals.

I think enough is enough, this madness must stop!  The authorities heading Ghana`s state institutions must be held squarely accountable and punished for their negligence to deter such heartless evils which has become an almost accepted norm in our state owned hospitals.

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The Flower admiring Cat

Is it not wonderful that this pretty cat took some time to continuously glance at the amazing beauty held by this flower? The cat had just woken from sleep and while taking somewalks stopped by this single flower apparently attracted to its shinny beauty. I took the opportunity to take some shots. Nature they say is priceless, indeed!