Hope must come,  Change must come. 

​How can a system based on corruption, incompetence, insensitivity and arrogant leadership (both political, religious and traditional rule) bring even a ray of hope for people’s embetterment, or any positive hope for a better Ghana tomorrow and tomorrow next? 

Today I stand in a better position as a patriotic youth of Ghana to reprimand our leaders who over the years are involved in those insensitivities towards mother Ghana in every corner of our nation. 

We remind them that they have become the second  batch of disgraceful leaders in our generation, second to the coup plotters of February 24, 1966 against the sane and reasonable rule of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. 

We see a very  Blur hope for GHANA even as we explore almost all of our unlimited resources.  Nothing good seem to come out of the utilisation of our unlimited resources, and it is the most painful thing to occur to us amidst the heavy propaganda in our media platforms of a vibrant GHANA. 

Hope must come, Hope must come! Before we all sink in the sewage drain when we can’t take it anymore. 

A reasonal and positive Change must come. 


Dear ECG-Nsawam, RESPECT US !

Dear Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (NSAWAM DISTRICT), I`m forced to write to you via this medium and I hope there will be someone responsible, and not the usual ECG workers we know reading and taking note.

Tomorrow is #EidAdha2016 and I`m drawing your attention that we struggle a lot to put our Salah meat in our freezers to prevent it from going bad.

It is for this reason that I have fully and duly paid my Electricity bill. I seriously do not want a repeat of your discourteous behaviour, deliberately taking away the light especially when its Eid, a period where we are suppose to be joyous.

The worse of your actions is that on numerous Eid occasions the past years, you have wasted our piled up meat in our freezers and we will not take it lightly if there is a repeat.
You have a responsibility to fulfill, a responsibility to respect us at least by providing us the service we pay you for.

From your customer–
Grand Sultan MD Nuhu



The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary candidate for the Trobu constituency, Mrs. Maame Efua Sekyi-Aidoo on Sunday 4th September, donated an amount of GHC1, 500 to the Muslim community of Afiaman, Abensu and Mayera in the constituency.

The donation was done when the astute Parliamentary candidate paid a courtesy visit to the (FIABEMA) Muslim community during their grand meeting towards the preparation of the incoming Eid-Adha 2016 festivity.


Maame Efua Sekyi-Aidoo has become a household name among the Muslim communities in the Trobu constituency for her regular presence in solidarity towards their welfare.

This event follows a similar exercise organized by her outfit, where she donated some bags of rice, cartons of milk, and bags of sugar to all Mosques within the constituency during the Holy month of Ramadan with some Imams receiving ram in advance for the Salah feast.

This recent donation was geared towards assisting the Muslims of the Afiaman and Pokuase electoral areas in their preparation of their local cemetery after an appeal for assistance was put towards her.

She also fulfilled her earlier pledge of assisting the local Islamic educational institution known as  Makaranta with GHC 500 for the welfare of the institution as she called on the management of the institution to ensure the children had access to quality education and also offered to assist needy children to gain at least their basic education should she be endorsed to lead the constituency.

The aspiring MP also called on the Zongo Chief and his Imam to pray for peace as the nation prepares for the elections in December.

She promised to serve the interest of all religious groups when given the opportunity to serve as Member of Parliament as she took the opportunity to implore the youth and people of age to vote massively for her come the election day, so that she would be able to champion her vision of development for the welfare of Trobu.


The chairman of FIABEMA Muslim Association receiving the donation on behalf of the Muslims, immensely thanked the NDC candidate for her kind gesture and unfettered support to the Muslim community and all religious bodies in the constituency.

She was also praised for her efforts in manning five portable and a mechanized boreholes to residents of the neighboring communities. The Zongo Chief thus appealed to her for one more at a location he would later disclose.

The Imam led a special prayer for the aspiring MP, asking for Allah’s blessings and victory as she contests in the upcoming elections.