Dear ECG-Nsawam, RESPECT US !

Dear Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (NSAWAM DISTRICT), I`m forced to write to you via this medium and I hope there will be someone responsible, and not the usual ECG workers we know reading and taking note.

Tomorrow is #EidAdha2016 and I`m drawing your attention that we struggle a lot to put our Salah meat in our freezers to prevent it from going bad.

It is for this reason that I have fully and duly paid my Electricity bill. I seriously do not want a repeat of your discourteous behaviour, deliberately taking away the light especially when its Eid, a period where we are suppose to be joyous.

The worse of your actions is that on numerous Eid occasions the past years, you have wasted our piled up meat in our freezers and we will not take it lightly if there is a repeat.
You have a responsibility to fulfill, a responsibility to respect us at least by providing us the service we pay you for.

From your customer–
Grand Sultan MD Nuhu


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