Hope must come,  Change must come. 

​How can a system based on corruption, incompetence, insensitivity and arrogant leadership (both political, religious and traditional rule) bring even a ray of hope for people’s embetterment, or any positive hope for a better Ghana tomorrow and tomorrow next? 

Today I stand in a better position as a patriotic youth of Ghana to reprimand our leaders who over the years are involved in those insensitivities towards mother Ghana in every corner of our nation. 

We remind them that they have become the second  batch of disgraceful leaders in our generation, second to the coup plotters of February 24, 1966 against the sane and reasonable rule of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. 

We see a very  Blur hope for GHANA even as we explore almost all of our unlimited resources.  Nothing good seem to come out of the utilisation of our unlimited resources, and it is the most painful thing to occur to us amidst the heavy propaganda in our media platforms of a vibrant GHANA. 

Hope must come, Hope must come! Before we all sink in the sewage drain when we can’t take it anymore. 

A reasonal and positive Change must come. 


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