The powerful falls victim to power. 

In this day and age,  where the abuse of power by holders of power seems unending, it wonders me that they totally forgets that their term in office is fixed and soon they would have to relinquish control to the king makers on behalf of the masses. 

The masses, who are the true wielders of power would again have to transfer that power to another team as it is in a democratic governance style. 

But the vulnerability of the past power holders who with impunity abused their mandate is a huge headache that they have to deal with sooner or later. 

This same power that they used to abuse, ceasure of peoples lands, sales of state lands and properties, dubious awards of contracts to family and friends, faked judgement debt payments is coming back at them, by the might of power. 

The power to probe and set the “powerful” aright. 

​Indeed “When power is stripped off the powerful, the Powerful become victim of power”.–Sultan Nuhu Mohammed