Student Hired thugs terrorize Mayera M/A JHS, Community folks steps in to Protect lives.

Occult practices have been on the rise in some Senior and Junior High Schools across the country. Though the Ghana Education service frowns on such practices, it has not deterred students from the act.

For some period now, the Mayera M/A Junior High School in the Ga West District has not known peace. This comes after some students allegedly caught practicing occultism were questioned by their teachers, but the students in question did not take that approach lightly.

As it seems, they felt disrespected by their teachers for “daring” to question them on their occult practices, their way of life. They thereafter threatened to cause mayhem including hiring thugs to deal with them until an unqualified apology was rendered them.

For some reasons they decided to give their teachers a taste of what awaits them for calling their bluff.


School resumed Monday only for students and staff to witness the shock of their lives as rubbish pile up were found spread in all of their classrooms, clearly perpetrated by their wayward students as their act of terror continued.

Now this act of terror did not end there, the biggest shock was on Friday 3rd March, when teachers and students were attacked by these same students accompanied by some unknown youths. But for the speedy and timely intervention of the community folks, things would have turned bloody.

Community members numbering about 40 rushed to the rescue of the school a desperate attempt to protect the lives of  students and their teachers. As they succedded to over power these hired thugs, some were able to escape the wrath of the community.


Personnel of the Police Service arrived later on as they struggled with difficulty to rescue the thugs from the grip of the community folks, this also nearly ended up in a big fight with some of the folks whose timely intervention saved the students and teachers from that organised brutalities.


Video and Pictures were provided by some Teachers who sustained various degree of injuries in an attempt to protect lives.