If I had ten Ghana cedis for my parents, mother will get nine Ghana cedis and the remaining 1 Ghana cedi will be for my Dad.

I`m Celebrating my Mother on my birthday, and I say sorry, sincerely.

I`m sorry for the birth pains,

I`m sorry for damaging your cute shape, leaving you with stretch marks, as you had no option than to bear me in you for nine months.

I`m sorry for giving you sleepless nights,

I`m sorry for deafening your ears with those noisy cries,

I`m sorry for wetting your clothes with urine and staining your bed with poops,

I`m sorry for biting your nipples,

I`m sorry for spilling the meals on you,

I`m sorry for making you shout out so loud,

I`m sorry for making you carry me until you couldn’t bear the back pains anymore,

I`m sorry for making you wash none-stop,

I’m sorry for breaking your mirror, your plates and glass cups,

I`m sorry for making you punish me, it was never your nature to hurt a thing.

I`m sorry for making you trek to school and back, and again, to fetch me.

I`m sorry for putting pressure on you dear mother, same pressure that will make me so annoyed if my child did to me.

You are one in a million and I thank Al Mighty Allah for placing me under your care.

Thank you Mother!

Indeed there is deeper wisdom in the advice of Almighty Allah and the holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) when although both parents are duly recognized, our mothers are given particular recognition, appreciation and respect.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said on three consecutive times in one statement/sentence that our mothers have the greatest rights over us, after which he mentioned, followed by our fathers.

The hardships and suffering that our mothers experience nurturing us is priceless, and the Almighty Creator of the worlds lays much emphasizes on that when He calls on mankind to obey our parents.

Your Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness lower to them the wing of humility and say: ‘My Lord! Bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood.'”

(Quran 17:23-24)