It is truth that incidences of instant ‘justice’ has been with us as Ghanaians since time immemorial, and its end in sight is far from us, it is not ending today, it is not ending tomorrow, in fact regardless of the Rambo style counter revenge that the military might engage in in the already petrified community which rounded up the innocent fine soldier, and collectively lynched him, it is not going to change a thing, until we are a changed and refined people in attitudes who cherish truth, fellow feelings and desist from endorsing foolishness, no matter who is engaged in it.

Even if it’s your mother or your beloved siblings, Evil is Evil, Wrong is Wrong, and we should note this to avoid blindly supporting bigotry.

We are in an era where Churches and Mosques are scattered in every corner of our communities, we attend them on daily basis, with one motive in mind, ‘so that we become pure in spirit and in deeds‘. At least every one returning from a religious service will be able to eloquently quote you this reason. We learn from our various scriptures and it is what is supposed to be the principles of our daily life`s activities.

The over a billion dollar question is, “how far has these religious faiths refined and shaped you and I, us and our neighbours and the entire citizens that make up this country? Are we anything better now?

Before you attempt lecturing me with an un-ending verses from our holy scriptures, let me draw your attention to one of our almost daily habits of collective thieveries, suppression of the poor and vulnerable among others, lynching. This subject of mob ‘justice’ alone in this country would take one millions of pages to detail.

Today too, just like many others, we woke up to the bitter news of an insane lynching on Monday 29th May, 2017 of a fine Military gentleman Mr. Maxwell Mahama, a serving Captain with the Ghana Armed Forces who was serving his official duty at Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region. Captain Maxwell was out there jogging to stay fit, but was unfortunately suspected to be an armed robber.

Lynched Soldier Captain Maxwell Mahama - (picture credit duly recognized)

The savagery and the absolutely no reasonable reason for his lynching is what is so painful and heart-aching. To admit that we have gotten to this stage of cruelty even in these days of a so called ‘enlightened’ generation is hard to bear with.

Look at what we have turned into, look at our behaviours and lifestyle in our communities today, everything is wrong, yet we arrogantly condemn our forefathers as ungodly, uncultured, idol worshipers among other slurs.

In fact despite their shortfalls (our forefathers), I tell you that they were people who were cleaner and purer in spirit and in deeds to an extent that our generation and the generations to come will never have their kind, their exemplary discipline et al.

I want you to testify to our ways of life today, and tell me if we do not wish to emulate the life style of our forefathers?, the way they lived with one another, their just practices, their practices of everything that is harmful to nature is made taboo.

Tell me if the statement ‘SANKOFA’ does not resonate more and in a firmer position than any other period in our life today, you tell me.

The fact is that, we wish and in fact we are craving for their exemplary practices of discipline and justice but  our ungodly, arrogant and hypocritical attitudes betrays us to learn from their purer, and disciplined ways of governance among others.
How did this happen? A so called enlightened people who proud themselves as Muslims and Christians yet deeply heartless and impatient with one another even in the least of ways.

Fact is, this is not enlightenment, but we are becoming overly religious in vain and ungodly in our behaviours.

An educated citizens who take the law into their own hands with impunity to avenge “justice” is totally evilish and as equal as that of the massive state looting public officials and politicians altogether. They cause the same destruction to the motherland.

Since this latest incidence, some high profile people, our opinion leaders, are on radio, on our various social media platforms and even in the print media, and thousands of such opinions, suggesting the Army who have already stormed the town should deal brutally with the people to teach them a lesson.

But that is absolutely wrong, very wrong, calling for an eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth, is never a solution to such gory incidences. Not at all.

In fact those supporting the idea that the military should also brutalize the town`s folks in revenge is tantamount to calling on the town`s folks to lynch anyone stranger to them. It is barbaric, very callous and completely horrible a suggestion to make.

These actions of instant ‘justice’ should be tackled firmly, not with counter brutalities but with enlightenment, from darkness into light, education.

Indeed there are numerous factors which have been detailed to be a significant contributory factor to these callous acts of “instant justice” carried out by the public on mere allegations. The   major possible root cause is identified as public dissatisfaction and loss of trust in the existing legal framework and constitutional institutions mandated with such responsibilities.

The judiciary is increasingly perceived as having done little and unable to meet the aspirations of ordinary Ghanaians in their quest for true justice when matters are duly handed over to them for fairness hearing and proper outcome.

Failure of the state to tackle issues with seriousness for decades, has been a strong contributory factor to these backwards attitude over this long period. No one can gainsay this fact.

The National Commission of Civic Education (NCCE) which is an independent, non-partisan government institution, whose core mandate is to ‘promote and sustain democracy, educate and inculcate in the Ghanaian citizenry, the awareness of their rights and obligations, through civic education’. Unfortunately they are as silent as if they have never existed, toothless and almost irrelevant to the cause of their mandate.


The NCCE must immediately formulate educational programmes to tackle these vices of wanton violence. They should immediately implement and oversee these educational programmes in all of our available media platforms, broadcast on the radio and T.V. as well as in the news columns of the newspapers and magazines.

Including organizing community durbars intended to inculcate in the citizens the awareness of their rights and obligations as free people and the consequences of ‘instant justice’.

Our media houses which should have known better, are actually not helping matters, instead of educating the masses, they are rather dumbing the masses. In fact they should also be up and doing, for instance, instead of flooding our television stations with an unending Indian and Mexican made telenovela which are in most cases directionless, fruitless and completely bogus.

These useless stuffs could be replaced with educative and enlightening telecasts. After all some of the core and important functions of a journalist or journalism is to inform, to Interpret and Educate, to Guide, to Market, to entertain among others. Dumbing the masses is never one of them.

Opinions they say are like noses, everyone has one.

 Holy Quran 5:32

“…the killing of a person for reasons other than legal retaliation or for stopping corruption in the land is as great a sin as murdering all of mankind. However, to save a life would be as great a virtue as to save all of mankind.”

—Sultan Nuhu Mohammed


Smart repairs or recklessness? 

Drive and Repair, a new smart way or recklessness? 

I spotted this faulty Articulator Truck at Tema Comm. 9  being repaired by two of its mate while the truck was on its wheel, moving slowly as the repairs was in session. 

Do you know what would happen to any of this guys should one of them fall right in front of the truck? It would be gory.

In the face of these rampant road carnage across the length and breadth of Ghana, the appropriate authorities, the police department in charge of road safety, the MTTD should wake up to task.

Such impunity should not be entertained if they indeed are bent on fighting the reckless behavior on our roads.