“A better life” Draft.

A better life is the life that is full of kindness and appreciation for the little things in life.

Not that which is full of ungrateful attitudes and an unendless complaints of dissatisfaction.

A better life is devoid of Mum and Dad’s bitter complaints of your ungratefulness.

You should know that you are doomed when Dad and Mum ever reminds you of this.

“We never for once thought​ you could do this to us after all that we have done for you. We sacrificed it all just to give you a better life, a better life that we never had the opportunity to embrace.

A better life that we always desired for but never had a smell of it.

Why are you so ungrateful towards our best for you to gain what we missed, a better life.”

Never deprive yourself of their blessings. Your parents are waiting for that call, they’re missing you sick while you have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to their longing for you.

It’s never too late, remember their sacrifices and love for you and get back at them and show them that love of appreciation and gratitude.

They uplifted you, from nothing  to somebody, they gave you life, they gave you a better life.

A better life…Draft


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