Islam through Prophet Mohammed (PUBH) came to teach CIVILIZATION to Savage Arabians and a Savage world. Today, it is even more evident that humanity must follow up on those Books of KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM (THE HOLY QUR’AN AND THE LIFE EXAMPLE OF PROPHET MOHAMMED) which calls mankind to a beautiful CIVILIZATION and PEACE to a world that has gone completely out of order. This is in-fact the only redemption for humanity.

Indeed Sankofa (going back to knowledge and wisdom) is not an abomination.

News of former prime Minister of Britain who is notoriously known for his disastrous invasion of predominantly Muslim countries , destabilizing and eventually murdering the Lybian Leader Muamar Ghadaffi has hinted of search for True peace through the Glorious Qur’an.

He bears witness that the Holy Qur’an and other Islamic literature are on his everyday reading list.

Visit this site to read more on  what he said in his answers to the press.


in the video below the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair takes full responsibility for victimising together with his allies Muslim countries and renders an unqualified apology for theri evils done to millions of innocent helpless people.


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