For the past weeks Ghana has been shaken by incessant news of missing children across the length and breadth of Takoradi and other principal cities across the country.

Sadly, the most popular among these kidnappings happens to be that of the kidnappings of 3 young girls in Takoradi.

The police who were in charge of the case had suspected a criminal Nigerian ring as being behind these kidnappings. However, when one of the alleged kidnappers was arrested and put behind bars, some corrupt police officers on duty at that station enabled his escape.

This happening did not go down well with residents of Takoradi, who followed up with massive demonstrations against the abysmal interest displayed by the police in kidnappings in the municipality.

Until now, no positive news has come from these cause, all we continue hearing is the news of more disappearances of our young ones in the country, such a helpless state of affairs.

The sad reality is that, our people are so hospitable such that they have had no experiences of such disturbances and therefore are at a lost as to how to treat people of Nigerian origin and outsiders without being xenophobic.

But I would recommend that, we be circumspect in our utterances against Nigerians in Ghana, especially knowing that not all of them are bad people. Most Nigerians I know are exceptionally good, caring and very supportive to people in our communities.

What I think should be done immediately is to ensure that, the Nigerians in Takoradi community and its environs be provided with protection and importantly be subjected to intense background checks such that, whoever has any form of criminal records be deported. This is in their best interest to avoid the name tarnishing and the generalisation of Nigerians as bad people.

We must take note that, we are Africans, we are a people with a common destiny, we have only been segregated by the white Invaders. Indeed a Ghanaian is not better than a Nigerian, nor a Nigerian better than a Ghanaian. We must recognize that in every society, there are wayward people, that person or group of people could be a Ghanaian or a Nigerian.

As a matter of fact, each and everyone of us who reside in any community at any part of the globe owes its community a service; first to be patriotic and concerned about happenings around us by displaying extreme vigilance and concern.

Because once we become careless and unconcerned about our society, such grievances are bound to occur endlessly, which doesn’t benefit us in anyway.

The lifeless body of a young boy who was declared missing 3 days ago. The body was found this morning at Money Hill-Takoradi.

Indeed, “if we understand the complexities of these foreign invasions coupled with their evil mindset of kidnappings and murders, we would appreciate that it has become imperative on us all that; we tackle these security issues in our communities with an all hands on deck approach.

We should not for a minute leave everything to the police to deal with, they have been a disappointment when they freed that suspected criminal who was rounded up.

“Once bitten twice shy”, it is said, thus we must help the police by monitoring them, and policing them on our own, and on daily basis by reporting suspicious characters in our communities to them and reporting them to the Media.

We must guarantee our own security by showing concern to whatever goes on in our communities, if you see something, say something, my people”. —-@mdnuhu

#BringBackOurTaadiGirls #Missingpersons

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