Not long ago, I went to the now nick-named Titanic Beach at Sakumono, as usual to exercise and enjoy some relaxation.

But what welcomed me at the shore saddened me to the core, and I felt ashamed of myself and my society, realising that the situation has become this worse.

Although it is a painful fact that, once people become careless and reckless with the waste they produce, it leads to a seemingly uncontrollable sanitation challenge, not only within their immediate environs, but the effect can travel far than one can perceive, we still can act now, and we must all wake up and take action by ensuring that the fight against single-use plastic in our country is a priority.

That is if we indeed care for the very environment that survives us especially for the sake of our future generations.

From today, I encourage myself and you too to lend support to initiatives by @gripe_official and others to get rid of plastic waste from the system.

We must start from somewhere, let us act now.

#EndPlasticPollution #Ghana

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