“The current state of the road leading to Ellembelle North”.

This was the text which complimented a video status update of the Hon. DCE of Ellembelle Hon. Bonzoh on WhatsApp.

The video which is 30seconds in length shows his entourage traveling in Toyota pickups and a V8 Land cruiser on an extremely abhorring road within the Ellembelle District.

You would agree that suburban vehicles are ideally designed to withstand bad roads.

Unfortunately the builders of such vehicles could not envisage that in our part of the world there would exist some so terrible roads that would prove too much of a work for their vehicles to ply.

Such was the sorry situation that the hon. District Chief Executive of Ellembelle had to endure. In the short video he posted, it was visible how his tough and seemingly new suburban vehicles were overwhelmed by the terrible nature of the roads in his own district as one could observe that one of the pickup truck got stuck in the mud and needed helping hands terribly.

Although it is unclear his motive for posting such video, it is clearly an indicative expression of helplessness, powerlessness, desperateness and an expression of disgust towards his government’s neglect to fix the sorry state of roads across the western region although it is the very region where Ghana get most of its food supplies and natural resources.

Nonetheless, few people I have shown this video to have equally been surprised as to why a DCE who has the mandate to ensure that roads in his district are fixed, is equally helpless in such situation instead of using the district’s resources at his perusal for the development activities that the region desperately needs.

The western region has the most disastrous roads in the entire country despite the heavy quantum of diverse mineral resources that the region produces.

Politicians come and go, despite beautiful pledges to reshape these roads, the situation has only gotten worse.

Prominent among these roads is the less than 5km road from Essiama to Nkroful, the birth place of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah first prime minister of the republic of Ghana which has been neglected by previous administrations.

When will Ellembelle see the benefits of its Oil resource, its Cocoa, Timber, Gold, Rubber plantation, among other mineral resources that the state benefits from?

We can deduce the answer to this and many other questions from this singular WhatsApp post by our DCE, and it can only be “I don’t know”, as usual.

This stretch of road just like the Nkroful road, has been used by current and previous administrations for campaign pledges that should they win, it would be done within the shortest possible time of their tenure, as it stands it is a mere political promise.

May God continue to bless mother Ghana, if indeed we are being blessed at all.

My court of Opinion!



For decades, Mercury has been used in some pharmaceutical products and some medical devices due to its uniqueness.

Yet the least reckless exposure of mercury into the environment has severe health hazards on the environment.

Mercury is classified among the top 10 most hazardous chemicals by the World Health Organization.

Due to this, Ghana on the 16th of August 2017 appended signatory to the UNDP’s instituted MINAMATA CONVENTION ON MERCURY; a global treaty designed to protect human health and the environment.

The improper disposal of mercury- containing health equipment such as Thermometers, Sphygmomanometers, Hg-based blood pressure monitoring devices, Hg batteries, Lamps, dental Amalgam and lighting devices.

Have dire consequences on health personnel and particularly on the development of children, pregnant women, aquatic life and has the tendency of drastically polluting our water bodies.

The introduction of the Minamata Convention on Mercury is under the special assistance of the UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which has the mandate for ensuring the implementation of recommended WHO/MIA strategies for the health sector, has completed an initial platform which would enable the government of Ghana to establish a sound foundation to undertake future works for successful implementations of the programme.

It is the mandate of the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health service and its health partners to ensure that mercury is successfully phased out from the Health sector in Ghana after the successful implementation of the Minamata Convention by the year 2025.


Poem Eulogizing A GIANT: Professor ATUKWEI OKAI.


A mighty storm has uprooted a giant baobab tree from our land.

Indeed a mighty storm has touched a giant tree which gave us shadows to rest, when the sun shined merciless!

The giant who renewed for us the art of poetry to perfection.

The giant whose mission has stirred up our creativity, intellectuality, ability and agility to reasoning, writing and speaking to the soul of mankind.

The giant literary literate, the professor.

The giant Pan-Africanist, the giant writer, the Giant!

The giant Holder of the Order of the Volta, the giant fearless commentator, the GIANT.

Professor ATUKWEI OKAI. You have journeyed, a journey which has earned you a post as an ancestor.

It is an inevitable journey.

There you will comment no more, there you will shine like a star, dear ancestor!

Rest In Power prof.

Professor ATUKWEI OKAI passed on in Accra on 13th July, 2018 at the age of 77.


A 22-year-old Muslim man from Mali by name Mamoudou Gassama has become the latest Hero in France.

He has been living in France as an illegal immigrant for many months now, but as fate would have it, he is being decorated as the bravest hero in recent times after he single handedly scaled a high rise building in Paris to Save a 2years old child who was loosely hanging from a balcony.

Though there were many people who were witness to the scene, they chose to be spectators. Mr. Mamoudou who could equally have looked on and waited for the fire service to arrive, took a different turn within the shortest possible time to save the life of the innocent child.

Mr. Mamoudou Gassama heroically scaled the high rise building to the 4th floor where he dragged the hanging 2years old boy to safety before the fire service could arrive.

The president of France Emmanuel Macron has honoured him for his bravery including granting him a job opportunity in the Fire service and a France citizenship.

His heroic act has earned him the title, “Paris Spider man” on the various social media platforms.

France 24 interviewed the latest Muslim hero of our time.

Watch the interview here.


As part of its core mandate to equip and enlighten students, the general public, Civil society groups, and Non-governmental organizations on the practices of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), the Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation (GMEF) body in partnership with UNICEF Ghana yesterday held its maiden inter-university competition.

The competition which took place at the Conference Room of the vice Chancellors` Hall (UPSA) had four Universities compete for the top place.

Representatives from the University of Ghana-School of Public Health (Accra) carried the day, followed by the Christian Service University College (Kumasi) and BlueCrest University College (Kokomlemle) respectively .

Dr. Stephen Ntow, the special moderator of the competition, especially praised  the in-depth knowledge of the competitors and their impressive performance and encouraged participants to put into good use the M&E practices in their academic and project career.

IMG_20180414_114539 (1)

Dr. Stephen Ntow (International Consultant) and the competing students.

While addressing the audience, Coordinator of GMEF, Mrs. Dede Bedu stressed that, to strengthen any project and achieving efficiency in program delivery, it is always necessary to adhere to an efficient and effective use of M&E practices.

This she said has always been their core campaign as they celebrate GMEF`s 10years anniversary of promoting good project practices in Ghana.

IMG_20180414_122347 (1)

The winners were presented with awards and Citation for their Institutions.


—Sultan Nuhu Mohammed


First of all my firm salute goes to all those courageous Ghanaian men and women, some partisan and others none, who are on the streets of Accra and beyond demonstrating against what we regard as “Ghana’s automatic surrender of its sovereignty and integrity” to the USA government and its Military in a dubious partnership deal.

This deal which has brought a great deal of dissatisfaction among Ghanaians and their leaders is in fact disgraceful to an Independent Republic of Ghana and its roles in the fight to liberate Africa of colonialism, neocolonialism and the agenda of the imperialists.

The current NPP regime under his Excellency Nana Akufo Addo must rethink over this surrender of our security sovereignty lest we become mockery in the face of our African neighbours and the world at large.

It is important to note that we have a great deal of trust for a man like President Nana Akufo Addo, because his credibility so far is intact, unlike some recent past leaders who have betrayed Ghana to satisfy their ego, this recent pact with the USA and the stubbornness of our political leaders to heed to our call has pushed us to a corner where it is increasingly becoming very difficult to trust the people we vote into power.

We remember how this current regime desperately begged on its knees for our votes so that they could also serve us to make our motherland a good place to live in. But it seems they say one thing and do the opposite when they are given the nod to lead.

In a firm voice, Ghanaians say this deal must not be allowed to take effect because it doesn’t make sense and it’s such a shame Pan-Africans.

No sane Pan-African will be in support of this which is why I fully support those demonstrating against this government’s recklessness and negligence.

Clearly this hoodwink deal further urshers us into the grip of recolonialisation which undermines the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Ghana and we must all wake up agains this.

It is the hope of all Africans that this regime will listen to its people and place a halt to this deal, and will realise that the solutions to an independent Africa continues with a reasonably fair deal, as we all rally solidly behind “a good deal or no deal” in an effort to promote respect for Africa and an independent Africa for Africans.


My Conscience as an African speaks”
–Sultan Nuhu Mohammed