A walk through the National Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate Pokuase

I undertook a long walk through the preserved government lands solely dedicated to the service of modernised farming in the country courtesy Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. It is a vast stretch of land which falls within Pokuase, and even though I do not know the precise boundaries I believe it also falls on some part of Amasaman lands. 


Pokuase is a popular town situated in the Ga West Municipality of the Trobu Amasaman Constituency within the Greater Accra Region.

During my free days I often undertake long distance walks within the neighborhood and even beyond the town, as far as I can go all by foot for reasons f exercising my body, freeing my mind whiles appreciating nature and also as a way for me to familiarize myself properly with my new environment.


This week walks was from the National Agricultural Crop Research Centre through to its deep reserved lands nearing Amasaman where they have their Seed Inspection and Certification Division situated.

Crops admiration

I observed that most of the land is left unused, either bushy or ploughed left unused and at the mercy of the weather. Some little portions of the farm had crops of different varieties planted on perhaps by individual staffs for their own consumption or other personal gains but all in scattered locations mostly looking dry and pale.


Most of the crops looked not too good, left to the mercy of the sun in this dry dusty weather. There were no irrigation systems in place for watering, and one could observe that the thick cloudy dust from the poor dusty road which links Pokuase to Amasaman within the farmland had all settled on crops which are either closer to the road or had no trees or plants as boundary fence. 


Plants along the farms boundaries provides cooler environment for the crops as well as acting as a blockade preventing the dust from settling directly on these planted crops.

The dusty road from Pokuase Abensu linking Amasaman, also passes through this Agric land.

This cloudy thick dust produced by vehicles plying this route on daily basis has led to the diminishing of the proper greenery in these plants which are supposed to appear to the admiration of the human eyesight. Something which is a contributing factor to the ow level of harvest after a long month work of these farms.


Buildings for staff and animal breeding

I did spot pockets of buildings which were also scattered  all over the long stretch of land, some of them either residential settlements for staffers or structures which used to  house  livestock like poultry birds like goats, sheep, piqs etc either for research purposes or for raising them for the meat or both.


Yet again most of these houses for animal research are in ruin after what could be seen as many years of total neglect. Some of these structures have collapsed and there were total dirt of animal faeces piled up like what we see on yam farms, very similar to yam mount but in larger sizes. 


It baffled me alot and I ask for reasons to why would the Ghanaian government very much aware that Agriculture is the backbone of its economy, the present and the future yet actually allow the most important instrument for the success of the agric industry to go totally neglected and rotting whiles other African countries wish they had such facilities.

As a matter of fact I strongly share the opinion that the visionary Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah did not set up such facilities for other governments to collapse them for pleasure, recklessness or for whatever their reason might be, and most importantly this is a property of the state therefore any political head who is given the mantle to lead this nation owes it a duty to be a responsible care taker of such important facility as well as any other facility in this nature.

This vast agricultural land has become almost useless in this modern time where the demand for agricultural produce is rather on such a high demand. The sad thing is that I observed it is getting worse from time to time. The structures there are fast deteriorating before this recent visit I observed that things were not as okay as they are today.

In May 2013 when I passed through that farmland I appreciated the beauty of a pineapple farm which was cropped on a piece of land nearby. Its vastness could be at least a three acre plantation of pineapple only farm. At that time it was very greeny and beautiful because the rains used to fall at least twice every three weeks.

Captured in May 2013. A Large plantation of pineapple yet to bear it fruit.

These days the weather is very unpredictable, changes in the normal pattern of rainfall has had a very crushing effects on farming in Ghana entirely but for a national agricultural research centre of this calibre to taste this crushing weather where even the simplest form of irrigation system is missing is  not something to cry home about. Seriously I find this disgraceful and recklessness on the side of authorities in charge.

I believe there are many more challenges with the agric industry in Ghana and the blame is to be placed squarely on our government for its almost total neglect of such very important research centre. Lack of commitment in supporting the research industry is gradually seeing modern agric into its grave. With the Nation`s biggest agric research centre at pokuase as the yardstick of my observation, things could even go worse.

Captured in May 2013. A Large plantation of pineapple yet to bear it fruit.

I should add that I did also come across pockets of ant hills also known as termite mounds which looks soo beautiful and protected. God knows for how long they have been there. But I admire its beauty always.I think its a priceless piece of architecture any animal has ever produced.

A Complex Termite moundon the farmland



I posed with one of the termite mound.

In ending up my writing I strongly think it is high time we awaken our senses as a nation to be more serious with agriculture.

As we can see from the account so far, it is clear that the state of agriculture is in a deplorable situation and with serious attitude and commitment towards this crucial sector, this sector can absorb at least 70% of the unemployed in this country. It will also sufficiently ensure food security for the people of this nation and more. The government has to act urgently to avoid Ghana`s agricultural sector from falling into its grave.

here are some of the huge trees on the reserved farmland.

here are some of the huge trees on the reserved farmland.

here are some of the huge trees on the reserved farmland.

by : Sultan Nuhu Mohammed