j“24 hours of NO #ELECTRICITY, 12 hours intermittent supply of it”. This is the NEW RULE passed in the “animals” kingdom.
The attitude of our young and energetic, lip service rulers under President John Dramani Mahama and our politically minded elected Members of parliament towards the thousand and one artificially generated crippling challenges facing mother Ghana has been most regrettable and the shame of it all is to realize that under such compounding misery and the cluelessness in manning pragmatic measures to tackle them and the rate of reports of thieveries from the seat of the presidency and other sectors of the governing body is at its worse.
Knowing well that these accused and found guilty persons are still at post embezzling millions of state monies with impunity whiles the nation journeys into the bottom of the world`s most miserable countries is heart-aching and an insult onto our conscience.

It is unfortunate that from all indications Ghana today has become a nation where the most weakest-minded citizens have dubiously found their way to the top ladder of leadership.

With the above in mind it is no surprise to feel the reality that in some cases one does not necessarily have to be in a war-torn country to feel the misery of it. A peaceful and sound country under the direct dictates of leaders who have a “chicken-mind” can equally make the feeling worse than living in a bomb ridden nation.
Even in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, Somalia and Sirre-Leon, Palestine which has been under seasonal bombardment by the suppressive Israeli regime, electricity is the most basic supply to run out of.
Most regrettable and unfortunate to bear with is the reality that our once proud Ghana has become Africa`s fastest rising drug hub, among Africa`s most porous and weakest security conscious nations where the continent’s most corrupt leaders have the laws of the nation and its once fair judges under their feet.
Ghana has become a nation of people who have become more comfortable living in misery rather than competing with nations who would rather call a spade a spade in efforts to do away with lies and deceits and corruption to champion development for the welfare of themselves and the generations to come.

58years of selflessness as a capable nation we always profess, while the reality stands that our 58years as a selfless nation into the annals of misery deepens.
My painful observations.