A Lettter to Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah pt2

To Our Dearest: Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Dear, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, I am sincerely glad and highly honored writing to you this day.
Without any doubt at all I strongly believe that God`s own angels are at your service minutes after minutes.
I am glad you are reading from me, your beloved Mohammed.  I wish you an ever lasting peace in your abode, a very blissful and divine tranquility on this occasion; I want to bring to your notice, some pressing issues in our beloved Ghana..

Dear Dr. Nkrumah, both my parents, the people I trust most have sincerely testified positively about your honesty to our motherland Ghana and the entire continent of Africa and its black race. From your time of   departure from us, your successive colleagues in government have really shown us that you were truly an angel, a man of Dignity, a Peaceful, Loving and Caring angel in a human flesh, in fact we have really known the true meaning of politics and political parties and politicians.

 They have messed up the country, sold us to slavery once again, looted our resources into their personal foreign accounts, brought back the poll tax ordinance, destroyed our educational system, made our farmers poor, collapsed the numerous factories you built to provide employment for us and now they have sold  all the remaining ones to white foreigners, and above all sold our lands including your birthplace Nkroful to foreign miners who have started  bombardments of our only holy mother land , cutting and piercing through it wombs and intestines for its God given resources.

Today our water bodies are totally polluted with dangerous and highly consequential toxins which is killing us slowly and most seriously causing hundreds of deformities in our new borns. Our so called Health Ministry is now in alliance with enemies of the black existence and with their own personal greedy interests they are in strong partnership injecting our children with diseases in the cover of vaccines against all kinds of diseases.
 We are forced to sleep in the deepest of darkness without electricity, the little electricity is sold out to neighbouring countries without accountability, and with impunity our markets have been the targets of some mafias who are reaping from the woes of our market women/men and on daily basis they subject these most important markets to fire attacks and without any form of solution our leaders play propaganda with our woes.

Sadly enough we are swallowed up by swamp of flies, mosquitoes, engulfed by filth, forced to sell on the streets. In fact dear Dr. Nkrumah, in a nutshell we have been deceived, lied to, enslaved, oppressed, suppressed and taken for fools in our own motherland.

Our dire appeal to you is, we beg you to forgive us, on behalf of our old people and the current generation, we have come to our senses how we made our enemies fool us for too long without us giving it a second thought. We betrayed you and we indeed regret that and in pain we beg for your forgiveness.
We pray you ask God to permit you to come to our rescue once again before the Chinese starts to rool our lands onto trains and ships away for their good.

Please come to our aid before they begin to sell us in boats and ships like they use to do. For now, we are anxiously looking forward to seeing you to liberating us once more.
Corruption and bribery and pen-robbery from the top level of the presidency to the lowest level of society has engulfed us and we are sinking in its silt like never before, please save us, save us now, save us like never before. In anticipation to hearing from you, Thank you.
Your son

P.O.Box CO 3065