Ramadan 2014 so far and the weather

It has been raining constantly for the past week now, and as it is, the only moment it eases is when the rain showers takes over, it looks like a never ending rain season, in-fact the weather condition this days is the most favourable of all weather, and I exactly know what I mean by that :D, for some of us Muslims who live in regions which experiences hot weather more often than cooler weather in a year, it’s indeed a favourable period for a fasting man.

The good news is that, simply the rate of dehydration is much lower in cooler weather than a sunny hot weather condition for a fasting person who abstains from the intake of food, fruits, drinks, water and total abstinence from all edible foods, including swallowing of one`s own saliva intentionally during the period of fasting. 
The Month of Ramadan, a month we rigorously engage in spiritual upliftment through lengthy hours in prayer during the day time and a more rigorous one at night till day breaks in and fasting begins, apart from abstaining from food intake, we are also to abstain from sexual intercourse, all forms of vanities, fights and total abstention from all forms of ill behaviours and any acts of aggression against any living creature, this is the month in which the Holy Quran was first released to mankind, a blessed month indeed for all who believe.

It does not surprise me to witness that our local Masjid was full to the brim this Friday which also doubled as the First Friday of the Holy month Ramadan. People who are always seen too busy to stay at home finally made it to Masjid this day.
Observing the fast; I can tell you as a Muslim that it is never an easy task but with dedication and the sincerest commitment to Worship and please our Creator and obeying His Prophets knowing very well the objectives of this concise commandment in the Holy Qur’an 2:183(“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may learn self-restraint”) as well as both physical and mental importance of this period, we are more than bound by it to do more to achieve all of its benefits regardless of the weather conditions, hot or cold weather by Allah we shall do what pleases Him, In-Shah-Allah.
The excuses for abstaining from fasting is plainly stated in the Glorious Qur’an without any ambiguities, one can refer to know further Qur’an 2:184-187.
Ironically whiles some of us are rejoicing over the good of this constant rainfall, others are crying over its impacts on them. In other parts of our country, it leaves more than it is desired of, devastation. In the news yesterday, it saddened me to hear of the collapses of weak bridges, destruction caused to school buildings, homes, our already poor roads, as well as flooding of hundreds of houses in parts of almost all the regions in our country. The devastating impacts of rainfall in our towns are no new news and it was expected due to the nature of our infrastructure yet it’s sad to see people suffer knowing very well that you could be in their shoes at any moment. 
Poor town layouts without proper water way constructions, buildings exactly sited on water ways, poor gutter constructions coupled with poor attitude of the people who only prefer to dump reffuse in gutters choking the gutters thereby restricting the water of its proper directional flow.
My sincere condolence to all those affected by this downpour. While we commend the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) for their swift responses and for doing their best according to resources available to them, gov`t must do more to best equip NADMO with the needed resources so that its presence will be available at all corners of all the disaster prone areas nationwide. 
Meanwhile we as citizens have a bigger role to play, we have a duty to be law abiding and more thoughtful in our everyday actions. Dumping of reffuse should not be in gutters, not on our streets nor on any unapproved places, rather it should be dumped exactly on approved dumping sites only to save us the sweat of seasonal out breaks of cholera and flooding.
In this blessed month please join me extend prayers of peace for the oppressed people of Palestine, Burma, China, Iraq, Syria, Central African Republic and every corner of the world who have not known peace all this while. 
In-fact in a cold weather like this, the only place for any one of us to keep warm is being at home with our family, it is therefore disheartening knowing very well that the many vulnerable girls who were kidnapped by the group Boko Haram are still under captive. I pray to Allah for their safety, and May He rescue them from their plight today and unite them with their families.
Peace to the world as the constant heavy down pour of rain looks far from ending soon. From your brother Sultan Mohammed.