Dear MTN Ghana ! from your Subscriber

“Dear MTN Ghana, this is the 4th time within this month that you have wasted my credit for whatever reason you and your management knows best. From hidden charges now you have advanced to broad day robbery. You perfectly understand what I mean since i have written to you followed up with calls, I do not know whether your customer care is such a useless one that you don’t take seriously or it’s your customers you have no respect for after you receive their complaints. In-fact there are other networks I could switch to but how guaranteed am I that these same fraudulent activities is not practiced as well.

I ask you is there no solution to this exposed criminal activity of yours?. You designed that to steal/waste the airtime on your customers account so you perfectly have control over. Its not helping anyway especially now that you have been exposed and your customers are soo  aware. 
I have come to realization that this kind of hypocritical syndrome in this country has now infected you like the bird flu does.
But, hey  seriously are you not tired of apologizing to your customers yet not regretful at all?. Well Please Get Real and Stop Provoking Your Customers especially me, I have been with you for long and am loosing patience . It is not worth it to treat me like that. I hope you will pay me attention now !!
Yours Subscriber: Sultan