SEFWI-WIAWSO: The Land of Sunshine (The Story behind the Name)


SEFWI-WIAWSO is one of the popular towns in the Northern part of the Western Region because of its contributions to food and cocoa production, however not many have delved to unravel the story behind the name Sefwi Wiawso which literally means “The Sunshine Town”.

The Sefwis first settled at Asaman and its surrounding communities among them is Bosom-miaso.
The people those days took a number of ways in other to make a living which included farming and hunting since the forests had abundance reserves of game and fertile lands.

It was through these hunting that the people happened to discover the hill top lands of what constitute the Wiawso Township today.

Later the lands proved to be very suitable for agricultural activities. As farmers they took advantage of the fertile nature of the newly explored territories and established cocoa farms there.

a1e74e41407cbc66da6f953b243f278b_LHistory counts further that, among the pioneer farmers was one old lady called Korkor Adjoa who was the wife of the Sefwi Chief, Kwasi Panyin Bumamgama.

The old lady was said to have made a ground-nut farm on the hills where the sun remained visible for a greater part of the day as they stood higher than the surrounding lands.

In view of the nature of the topography that made it possible for the sun to be present for the most part of the day, the old lady, Korkor Adjoa the ground nut farmer used to refer to the farm place as “Awia woso” and that is the place of the ever-present sun.

This is the place that later became Sefwi-Wiawso when the people came to make their home.

It was at a later period that the Sefwi King, Kwasi Bumamgama who was a distinguished hunter came to kill an elephant during hunting on the “Awia woso” high land. And here it is said that he set up a hut and raised a platform to dry the meat.

In the cause of time, the adventurous king came to realize that the new location would be significant and key strategic importance for settlement, especially in view of the rampant wars among the people in the area at that period of time.

To him, it was better to stay on the hill in other to see any advancing enemies from any of the low lying lands.

So under King Kwasi Bumamgama, the sixth King of Sefwi State, the people finally moved and made a new home at the Awia woso hills.

The Awia woso settlement is what has developed to become Sefwi-Wiawso of Present day.