Islam through Prophet Mohammed (PUBH) came to teach CIVILIZATION to Savage Arabians and a Savage world. Today, it is even more evident that humanity must follow up on those Books of KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM (THE HOLY QUR’AN AND THE LIFE EXAMPLE OF PROPHET MOHAMMED) which calls mankind to a beautiful CIVILIZATION and PEACE to a world that has gone completely out of order. This is in-fact the only redemption for humanity.

Indeed Sankofa (going back to knowledge and wisdom) is not an abomination.

News of former prime Minister of Britain who is notoriously known for his disastrous invasion of predominantly Muslim countries , destabilizing and eventually murdering the Lybian Leader Muamar Ghadaffi has hinted of search for True peace through the Glorious Qur’an.

He bears witness that the Holy Qur’an and other Islamic literature are on his everyday reading list.

Visit this site to read more on  what he said in his answers to the press.


in the video below the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair takes full responsibility for victimising together with his allies Muslim countries and renders an unqualified apology for theri evils done to millions of innocent helpless people.


Nothing will stop this boy – Ghana cum Hollywood Star Boy, not even their “pull him down” baseless mockery.


My social media feeds have been flooded with links to wepages, tweets and other status updates which indicates that radio presenters in the Capital; Kwame Sakyiamah (with Joy FM), Jay Foley (with Live FM & 4Sytve TV) and MzGee (with Hitz FM) ridiculed Ghanaian teen actor, Abraham Attah over a his accent while he presented an award at the 2016

The trio had no shame with these despicable attitudes of “pull him down”,  which always been the major stumbling block that prevents individuals from attaining the success we desire as people of Ghana.

Its mot unfortunate that a Ghanaman has been endowed with hearing, brains for thinking capabilities, eyes to see, and mouth to speak, yet we have restricted these good human qualities to evil doings only, “pull him down”  we have known it to be.

This evil trend in fact did not begin today. History has made it known that this was plainly manifested when the saviour and redeemer of the African continent  and I`m talking about  the the foremost proponent of Pan-Africanism, the Great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah rose to lead this nation into prosperity.
He was looked at with eviil eyes, that eye which was gifted them them by Allah has become an evil one by their doing. Despite the good infrastructural develelopment that was ongoing that eye saw nothing good.
They even went that far to curse him with their mouths until his fall and this has been the trend.

Take a second observation of the recent genius of a man, Apostle  Dr Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka who has been the second saviour and redeemer that when the black man is given a chance he can prove to the world that yes, we are indeed somebody.
Kantanka with his most genius technological inventions in this modern competitive world today has not had it easy with baseless and evil criticisms for no apparent reason, except to discredit his enviable inventions by his own fellow men of this nation.

Despite these, I was so much shocked at the extent at which this new generation of Ghanaians have taken delight in pepertuating this evil of a behaviour to an extent that three workers from different media houses could openly mock this young guy whose future was nothing to talk of as he was a former child street vendor until he had this opportunity to light up the world with his hidden talent becoming a movie star today. –Read more on that.
Mocking this child-star persistently that he doesnt deserve to be on the Oscar platform becuase he spoke no good English is most childish from these air personalities who might never achieve a quarter of what this young boy has achieved as at now.

This can only be described as pure envy and hatred of people`s success, and this is exactly how they begin when they want to pull you down to the sewage drain. But they will try in vain as some of us will not sit idle, at least the little we can do we will do it in the right way and at the right time.
I should also suggest that his producers and caretakers must take a clue from this and as such make the wisest necessary move to protect him from these evil eyes and mouths of some of these brethren that we have got in this country.

I have held keen interest in this young man`s success journey and one thing is certain that the young Ghanaian-Hollywood actor Mr.Abraham Attah will rise as it has been ordained.
Power to him !

Remain Vigilant Against Western Bullies

Remain Vigilant Against Western Bullies

“We are now old and we will soon sleep forever, so you who remain behind must follow our footsteps as your fathers and liberators,” he said.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has urged youths to remain vigilant in the face of bullying tactics of the British and its western allies.